Brookhaven Retreat Celebrates National Recovery Month In September

August 28, 2014 essential oils


Knoxville, TN (PRWEB) August 28, 2014 September is on the horizon, and as this month approaches Brookhaven Retreat prepares to celebrate the 25th Annual National Recovery Month. Hosted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, this campaign aims to educate on mental health issues and spread the knowledge that recovery is possible. […]


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Easy fixes for anxiety

August 27, 2014 essential oils

Easy fixes for anxiety Use those techniques like aromatherapy to help you relax. Dr. Taz also recommends coping techniques, like "Progressive Muscle Relaxation." “ Children love it because they think of it as a game, and it's great for adults, too,” explains Dr. Bhatia … Read more on MyFox Atlanta How To Find A Holistic […]


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Latest Aroma Therapy News

August 26, 2014 essential oils

Hyatt Regency Suzhou Opens in Eastern China Signature treatment combines traditional Chinese techniques with using a choice of aromatherapy or therapeutic oils. Authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments are also available in Yue Spa, together with a certified TCM doctor and Tai Qi … Read more on MarketWatch Sing to whales, get socks from alpacas on […]


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Latest Aroma Therapy News

August 16, 2014 essential oils

In full Blossom “Beauty comes from within. To me beauty is holistic,” says beauty expert and aromatherapy specialist Blossom Kochhar, whose radiant face does not reveal how many decades have gone by. She has been instrumental in popularising aromatherapy through … Read more on The Hindu Therapy dogs provide comfort to area hospital patients “It gets […]


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Brenda Erby Fudge: Diabetics find health benefits in cinnamon essential oils

August 12, 2014 essential oils

Brenda Erby Fudge: Diabetics find health benefits in cinnamon essential oils Known for centuries as “the fragrance of life”, the use of cinnamon essential oil dates back even prior to its Biblical references in both the Old and New Testaments. Results of modern studies are also demonstrating its benefits and effects on numerous … Read […]


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Latest Holistic News

August 9, 2014 essential oils

Homeless: A holistic approach Smash an anthill, and ants will start scattering. Not only will they plague other areas of your yard where they weren't before but nine times out of ten they will eventually return and rebuild the anthill. That in a nutshell is the insanity of cracking … Read more on Manteca Bulletin […]


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Latest Diffusers News

August 6, 2014 essential oils

A Peek into Creative Minds Through These Unconventional Everyday Canvases … funky hand-painted stationery, cushion covers, coasters, photo frames, guitars, notebooks, pen drives, wall hangings, umbrellas, colourful coffee mugs, gadget covers, shoes, head-gears, wooden door bells, steering wheels, lens cases, tea diffusers … Read more on The New Indian Express City takes new shape The […]


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Revealed — cinnamon oil prevents food poisoning

August 3, 2014 essential oils

Revealed — cinnamon oil prevents food poisoning In the study, the essential oil killed several strains of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (E coli), known to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as 'non-O157 STEC.' The study looked at the top six strains of non-O157 STEC. The … Read more on TheHealthSite Dos & […]


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Dive Into the World of Essential Oils

August 2, 2014 essential oils

Dive Into the World of Essential Oils "My oldest actually had a really bad diaper rash and I was talking to one of my friends about it, and she was like 'hey you should really try out the essential oils.' I used them on her, and within two days the rash was completely gone," Dosa […]


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Craft cocktails made with aromatherapy ingredients

July 31, 2014 essential oils

Craft cocktails made with aromatherapy ingredients Scarborough Fair is a light, refreshing vodka cocktail with sweet and savory botanical notes. Ingredients include: EG Rosemary Lavender Vodka, cherry brandy, Chamomile and Citrus Bitters, Jack Rudy Tonic and lemon. The drink is served over ice and … Read more on Charleston Post Courier 19 Rwandans learn technique of […]


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