Aromatherapy At It’s Best

April 13, 2014 Spencer Harlod essential oils

The use of green substances has slowly become a craze. Green products used in cleaning are perfect for the surroundings and don’t result in problems to the skin or respiratory system.


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Learning About Aromatherapy

April 8, 2014 Susie Pointly aroma therapyaromatherapyessential oilessential oilshow to use essential oils

learn about aromatherapy

Aroma therapy has been utilized for many, many years in treating illnesses and promoting psychological health. Its popularity has been heightened over the last 50 years mainly due to the recent surge in the demand for natural and organic foods and medicines. Aroma therapy has proven so often that it’s good for the body and can treat ailments. Aroma therapy is utilized in places around the world to improve mental and physical health. Its benefits include better health and improved wellness. And that is what we all want.


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Aromatherapy and Migraines

February 21, 2014 Julie McWright essential oilessential oilsillnesslavender essential oil

migraine headache pain

Most physicians agree that aromatherapy makes an excellent complementary therapy for people suffering from migraines. Aromatherapy is a natural healing methodology that uses plant-derived essential oils to achieve a desired therapeutic affect. It is not known precisely how aromatherapy works, whether it is the scent or a chemical action of the essential oil itself that provides relief. Because of this […]


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How To Get Rid Of The Flu Fast And Relatively Painlessly

January 13, 2014 Tosh Caliberni essential oilsillness

sick woman with flu checking temperature

So you want to get rid of the flu fast. Well, first thing, unlike so many who claim to offer such advice, we won’t annoy you by starting off by telling how you could have avoided it. That’s a discussion for another time. Now you’ve got it, so let’s deal with it.


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Essential Oil Recipes – How to Make Natural Products Using 5 Essential Oils Or Less

December 19, 2013 Julie McWright how to use essential oils

essential oils from plants

Enjoy using Essential Oils and making your own recipes that give you products that are quick and simple to make. Using only 5 Essential Oils – keep the cost down but not make inferior products for your use. I never compromised on effectiveness in these recipes if it wouldn't work with the five its not listed. Costing […]


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Points to Keep in Mind in When Buying Diffusers

November 2, 2013 Julie McWright diffusers

essential oil diffuser

Aroma diffuser is an important tool to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of organic aroma oil. Aroma diffuser, essential oil diffuser or simply diffuser is like a ticket to paradise; it allows you to feel the blissful and euphoric effect of essential oils through the process called aromatherapy. This is the inhaling of propagated scent of […]


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Aromatherapy Essential Oils: Seven Things You Should Know

November 2, 2013 Julie McWright essential oilessential oilshow to use essential oils

essential oils from plants

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to treat medical conditions, to alleviate psychological ailments, for cosmetic purposes, and to reduce stress. The essential oils of aromatherapy have the power to enhance both your physical and mental state. Essential oils are extracted from living plants and trees. When essential oils are used appropriately, most can be used at […]


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Aromatherapy And Kids

September 2, 2013 Julie McWright essential oilessential oilshow to use essential oils

essential oils safe enought for your children

Aromatherapy is a new approach to emotional well being and healing through the use of essential oils. Oils in aromatherapy have soothing effect on the body, mind and soul. A gentle hug, smile or a kiss are forms of connection, bonding between the parent and the child. A loving nurturing touch of massage on the […]


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Essential Oils Garbage Disposal Refreshers

July 23, 2013 Julie McWright essential oilessential oilshow to use essential oils

garbage disposal

Recently I came across this great essential oils how-to article on the doTerra essential oils website/blog. I think I'm going to give it a try! Does your garbage disposal need a little refreshing? With everything that goes into the disposal, odds are that odors could be accumulating in there. Try this simple DIY essential oils […]


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Multiple Functions Of Essential Oils In Hair Care

June 20, 2013 Julie McWright essential oilessential oilshow to use essential oils

hair care is important to people which is why essential oils should be used

Smooth and shiny hair develops your overall look. It makes you feel beautiful even if you are wearing ordinary or casual wear. To achieve a perfect looking hair, using hair care products might be your first step. However, before you use these different items, you should know its main ingredients. One of the main ingredients […]


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